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Festivalu Čekání Proměny

Taktiky Studio

Festivalu Čekání Proměny is an artistic reflection and crystallization of the moment of change looking directly at the introduction of the metro D. This festival involved a series of interventions, events, broadcasted stories and data displayed around four stations in Prague.
Taktiky studio asked us to create a graphical system that was distinctive and represents the ethos of the festival without taking away from the art. With this in mind we created a typeface that held everything together. The letterforms were based on a strict visual structure countered with a humanist script feel. As the typeface was designed for Czech alphabet starting with the diacritics was key to making sure the visual feel was unique while legible. The intent was to capture the idea of change and metamorphosis with strong constructivist routes being transformed by a modern day Czechia and it’s ever evolving city of Prague.
The typeface wasn’t the only system that was introduced; a limited colour palette (red and blue the metro line colours) along with a rigid layout grid was introduced to make sure each use of the festivals identity felt connected. Having this strict rule for the festival identity meant the artists of the festival had free range to explore their concepts without having to worry about continuity.

Working with Alister was a great experience! He is a very flexible and well-rounded designer. He developed branding for our project, and the process was very smooth and efficient. I really appreciated that the development was a conversation and he took the time to explain his preferences and suggestions, and I feel I learnt a lot in the process in addition to getting a sleek brand!


Jana Mokrisova


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